McAlpine Column 'Born of Minimal Political Experience': John MacLeod

A comparison that the Union between Scotland and England “is a bit like the marriage of a talented, well-educated girl with good prospects and her own income, to a domineering man” - made by Daily Record columnist, Joan McAlpine – has again come in for criticism.

It follows SNP MSP McAlpine's first column for the Record – on Tuesday – since her return to the paper (she is a former Record columnist and features writer, as well as having been, among other things, a deputy editor of The Herald) from The Scotsman the previous week, where she also penned a weekly article.

Yesterday, various fellow polticians were widely quoted in the press criticising McAlpine's remarks.

And today, Scottish Daily Mail columnist, John MacLeod, uses McAlpine's provocative debut for the Record as the basis for his own op ed.

But while describing McAlpine's comparison as 'crass and offensive', setting a 'new low watermark' for the SNP, MacLeod does say: “I should stress that I knew Joan McAlpine for many years in her previous calling in Scottish newspapers and found her an estimable and straight-forward woman. I believe this lapse in good taste was born of her minimal political experience and she may yet master her trade in that arena.”

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