Sun Gets Excited Over Sheridan Trial

There was genuine excitement on the part of The Scottish Sun’s Matt Bendoris at the prospect of legal proceedings beginning today and involving former socialist MSP, Tommy Sheridan.

Sheridan has been charged with perjury, following his £200,000 defamation win – four years ago – against the Sun’s sister title, the News of the World, after it published stories about his sex life.

And in The Scottish Sun on Saturday, a two-page preview was devoted to the trial, which could cost £1 million, last up to 50 days and involve more than 200 witnesses.

The lavish preview, with a huge caps heading – ‘Trial Of The Decade’ – provided pictures and potted biographies of all the leading figures in the trial, including the judge and three QCs.

Writs Bendoris: “Now visibly older, and greyer, Sheridan, will return to court. At stake is his reputation.

“There will be many twists and turns over the coming weeks, in a real-life drama that could rival any plotline on the telly.”


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