Latest Rangers Story Supports Record Stance

Tom English says it in The Scotsman today and the inside story appears in the Daily Record.

In the ever-growing complexity that is reporting Rangers entering administration last week, English writes: “Last summer, [owner, Craig] Whyte went thermonuclear at the Daily Record for writing this, saying it was lies while briefly threatening to ban their reporters from [the club's stadium] Ibrox.”

And what was it that the Record was reporting then and everyone is doing now following a statement yesterday from Whyte? Claiming that future season ticket money was used to help purchase the club.

And writes Keith Jackson on page three of today's Record of its story in June of last year: “The response …was instant and emphatic. I was banned from Ibrox forthwith, my story dismissed as a pack of lies.”

Last month, reacting to a resurfacing of the claims, the Rangers website, carried a statement from Whyte, which said: “The Daily Record's approach to this story sought to distort and dramatise the matter. I for one will not be reading or buying the Daily Record again and I'm sure many other Rangers fans will share my disgust at yet another smear on this football club.”

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