The Story Behind: The re-design of Scots Heritage Magazine

WELCOME to a new feature on, which takes a look at the story behind… a particular image, design or tale.

We begin by looking at the re-design of Scots Heritage Magazine, under the new editorship of Scottish Field editor, Richard Bath.

Scottish Field creative editor, Heddy Forrest, is behind the new look which will be officially unveiled with the next issue of the quarterly title, later this month.

Scots Heritage Magazine is published by Scottish Field publisher, Wyvex Media.

Forrest – whose brother is managing director of Wyvex Media, which is owned by her family – has been with Scottish Field for several years. After graduating in English and Politics, from university in 1988, she worked in Australia and New Zealand for two years before returning to the UK where she began writing and taking photographs for both local newspapers, and, later, Scottish World magazine.

She says: “It was always with my eye on the prize of designing layouts. I started sneaking assignments in the production department whenever I could. Eventually my big opportunity came up when the family, in the shape of Wyves Media, bought Scottish Field – we were such a small, tight team that ‘all hands were needed on deck’.

“I am self-taught and learned on the job and have loved being part of the team that has taken the Scottish Field to where it is today.”

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