Daily E-Newsletter to Get Content Boost – Jobs, Events, Etc

The daily e-newsletter that summarises what’s on that day’s allmediascotland.com now goes out to almost 550 recipients – who occasionally also receive breaking media news alerts.

But from Monday, it won’t just be a ‘heads up’ on stories on Spike.

Every time there’s a new ad posted in the jobs section: that’ll go on.

Every time there’s a media social or professional development event added to the diary: that’ll go on.

Every time there’s a new addition to the AMS contacts book: that’ll go on. And even if there isn’t a new addition, the e-newsletter will point you to an entry that you might find useful.

You get the drift…..It’s going to be bigger and better.

To sign up, just type in your email address in the box appearing in the left-hand column of the front page.

* Should allmediascotland.com introduce a text messaging service, so you can be alerted to breaking Scottish media news, jobs information and event details? Email your thoughts to

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