Re-Design Plans Need Your Testimonials

As reported on Spike yesterday, a planned re-design of the home page, is aiming to provide journalists with more access to story ideas posted by organisations such as charities, PR agencies, corporates and public sector bodies.

And while the re-design has been slightly delayed, in the meantime, testimonials are being sought – some featured below – to support the launch of the proposed change, which includes re-titling ‘allnewswire’ as ‘story ideas’ and offering upto a dozen headlines rather than the current two.

Already, various testimonials have been gathered from happy users of the ‘allnewswire’ service – from both journalists and those submitting media releases, as story ideas.

You are welcome to support by offering yours. Here.

The re-design is expected to be implemented within the month.

And, so, those testimonials…..

“It’s a great way to bring stories to journalists’ attention quickly – and
the fact that allmediascotland hits are picked up by Google is a real
bonus.” Susan Christie, Blueprint Media.

“Only recently, we were contacted by the Daily Record. The
journo said: You guys seem to be busy.” Mike Lynch, commercial director,
Nevis Design Consultants.

“Local newspapers won’t always have access to some
of the well-established news sources, so a service like this could be
hugely helpful.” Susan Windram, group editor, Southern Reporter newspaper.

“Independent TV directors, like myself, aren’t usually on anybody’s media
mailing list, yet we are still always on the look-out for stories. So, the
more stories on this service, the better, I’d say.” Stuart Greig,
director, The Holyrood Files.

“Allmediascotland is a valuable, low-cost PR tool in Scotland today. All
of the team post their media releases on the site and many journalists
have commented that this is where they first saw the story when they call
us for an interview with our clients. The site is always up-to-date and
full of important media information essential to my team’s work.” Jane
Cumming, managing director, Platform PR.

“I use the service, looking out for property stories.” Tim Dawson, editor,
Home, Sunday Times Scotland.

“The most valuable columnists range across the subjects, so the more

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