That Comment in Full

Spike confesses: it doesn’t know the policy of the Edinburgh Evening News when it comes to removing comments made on its website.

So perhaps comment number 32 – alongside a story (here) yesterday about a mother of triplets accusing her local bus company of discrimination by allowing only two of her babies to travel for free – may have been deleted by now.

Though it can hardly be described as anything than gentle ribbing…..

“That Evening News agenda in full:

“08.00: Drag Gibbo out of the pub and sit him in front of his typewriter. Find his diary so he can remember who gave him last night’s free meal/drinks and give them a mention.

“08.30: Skim through the dailies looking for stories to nick.

“09.00: Review all the photos of the current councillors and pick out the worst three. Send Roden and Ferguson off to make something up about them.

“09.30: Send copy off to print.

“10.00: Ring up people blamed in the made-up stories for their right of reply.

“10.30: Pub.”

Comment: Obviously a poster who doesn’t know the Evening News that well – Ferguson jumped ship to the Hootsmon more than a year ago. Considering there are plenty of “lazy journalism” rants on the EN comments, how about giving this one a “lazy poster” tag instead? Adrian.

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