Have Your Say

Just to remind you of the forum facility, Have Your Say, now available on the new-look allmediascotland.com – which, given the Tommy Sheridan case, could be buzzing with comment. And if not comment about Tommy, then maybe comment about the producers – and their political affiliations – of the BBC Scotland documentary broadcast on Monday evening.
It’s easy to use. First, though, you need to be registered with the site. And you might want to choose an username that protects your anonymity. With your username and password, you then login.
You might want to register with the site at your leisure. However, if you had passwords from the old-style directory, these are your username and password already (username = password 1, password = password 2). There is a facility to change your username and password. If you have forgotten your passwords from the old-style directory, just contact us. We’ll provide.

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