Headline of the Month: And Yet Another Contender

Yesterday’s Scotsman reported on the stepping down of Labour MP and minister, Kitty Ussher, another to have her housing affairs caught up in the MPs’ expenses scandal……..thus prompting the headline: ‘Fall of the house of Ussher as she quits to save embarrassment’.

It was the idea of reporter, Craig Brown, and nominated by Scotsman sub-editor, Martin Gray, for this month’s Headline of the Month competition, sponsored by Whyte & Mackay.

Each month, a bottle each of Whyte & Mackay’s Special whisky goes to the author and nominator of what’s considered to be the best headline. What’s more, the best headline of the year wins its author and nominator each a bottle of limited edition Whyte & Mackay 30 year-old, worth over £150 a bottle.

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