Television: Let Micro-Indies Flourish

At the end of last year, True TV came out of one of our busiest production periods. Primetime credits included a major BBC One Sunday night two-parter, ‘Bruce Goes Dancing’ (yes, with the inimitable Bruce Forsyth).
But – confession time – we are a small company, based in the East End of Glasgow.
It’s been levelled regional Indies make parochial programmes of little impact on local themes. Well, I’d like to make a case for micro companies like me, in these so very macro times.
In Scotland, a new breed of small business is emerging which produces not only for the UK market, but also for the international market. We’ve had to in order to survive and, in some cases flourish, but also – in these format dominated times – to find an outlet for our ideas.
One established Scottish micro, Skyline, has just turned $3 million at the US box office for their feature documentary, ‘Rivers and Tides’ . The DVD is on release in the UK, the posters are emblazoned all over London.
Others, like Metrophonics, are composing for Hollywood blockbusters from their Highland homes.
For us, it was as easy to get to the European TV markets as it was to fly to London. I found many more strands to pitch and sell to, I met fellow producers to develop ideas and co-produce with. The enlightened European media training schemes progressed projects and helped us consolidate the right producer, distributor, and broadcaster relationships, although it
took time.

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