Cameron Sees Funny Side in Real Radio Wind-up

The Scottish Sun has ensured that a Real Radio wind-up of noted Rangers FC fan – comedian, Andy Cameron – reached a wider audience.

In the page 3 splash story by Matt Bendoris – under the heading, ‘You’d be Andy to introduce the Pope’ – the tabloid revealed how Cameron fell victim to Real Radio prankster, Robin Galloway, when the DJ asked him to compere for the Pope.

According to the Scottish Sun’s story: “The Rangers diehard was totally taken in by Galloway's phone wind-up begging him to introduce Pope Benedict XVI to up to 100,000 worshippers at Thursday's Mass in Bellahouston Park, Glasgow.

“Galloway called Cameron posing as an assistant to Scotland's top Catholic, Cardinal Keith O'Brien. Talking in an Irish accent the presenter says: ‘Hi Andy. I wonder if you can help us out for the arrival of the Holy Father. Is there any way you could introduce the Pope for us that day?'

“But flustered Cameron  stammers: ‘Er, would that be Thursday? I'm really sorry; I've got a golf day’. When Cameron says he will be available on Wednesday, Galloway adds: ‘That's great. We have a meeting with the Queen.'

“But the veteran comedian eventually twigs when offered a private audience with the Pope. He says: ‘Would it be all right if I held my Rangers scarf?'

“He later admitted: 'I was done up good and proper.'”

The story was accompanied by a mock-up picture of Cameron, bedecked in a Ranger’s FC scarf, beside the Pope – with a bubble coming from his mouth with the quote: “Bellahouston, we have a problem…”

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